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Creative Care Imagination Kit: A TimeSlips Engagement Resource

Creative Care Imagination Kit: A TimeSlips Engagement Resource

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A tested, proven way to foster imaginative and story-based activities among diverse groups and families, especially caregivers of loved ones experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s, from pioneering researcher Anne Basting, the author of Creative Care and a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient.

Based on Basting’s twenty-five years of research, this “imagination kit” makes it easy for families, friends, and caregivers to make meaningful connections with elders and others dealing with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges, including memory loss.

The Creative Care Imagination Kit contains:

15 cards of Beautiful Questions/Thoughtful Actions: Each card poses one “Beautiful Question” on the front side, a question that fosters conversation without relying on the quality of one’s memory or knowledge. The flip side includes follow-up questions or instructions to maximize the fun and build deeper bonds through thoughtful actions.

15 cards of Story Prompts: Each card features a picture to jumpstart a group story-creation exercise.

The Imagination Kit Journal: A notebook with a letter of introduction from Basting, instructions, and spaces to record sessions as a keepsake.

The Creative Care Imagination Kit sparks conversation and encourages active listening, allowing all ages to freely share ideas and stories without worrying about getting the details “correct.” Basting’s years of research have shown that these practices stimulate the brain and awaken the imagination, adding wonder and awe not only to the daily lives of those with dementia but to all family members, and provides them with a means of connection and communication.

A simply joyful way for families and groups to play together, The Creative Care Imagination Kit invites users to shift from the expectation of memory to the freedom of imagination.
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