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Justice League: An Adult Coloring Book

Justice League: An Adult Coloring Book

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Get ready for action-packed adventures with Justice League: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1! This special edition collects the first 12 issues of DC's "Rebirth" era, where your favorite heroes come together for an epic team-up. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and new recruit Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz team up to protect the world against unimaginable threats. 😎

Author Bryan Hitch spins a high-stakes tale that pits the League against new enemies like the mysterious alien race known as The Kindred and long-standing adversaries like the deadly Amazo virus. Artist Tony S. Daniel brings the story to life with stunning artwork, making the action leap off the page.

The new lineup adds fresh dynamics and personalities to the League's interactions, like the fiery banter between the Green Lanterns and Aquaman's stoic leadership. Of course, Batman keeps everyone on their toes, while Superman's unwavering optimism reminds them of what they're fighting for.

Featured Characters:
  • Superman: The ultimate beacon of hope, ready to unite the League.
  • Batman: The strategic mastermind, always ten steps ahead.
  • Wonder Woman: Amazonian warrior, wielding her Lasso of Truth and indomitable will.
  • Aquaman: King of Atlantis with mystical and oceanic powers.
  • The Flash: Speedster extraordinaire, using his abilities for good.
  • Cyborg: The team's tech whiz with super-advanced cybernetics.
  • Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz: New recruits bringing different energy and viewpoints.

With a combination of intense action and team camaraderie, this collection delivers the ultimate superhero saga.

Key Features:
  • Collects issues #1-12 of Justice League (Rebirth)
  • Introduces a new Green Lantern duo to the Justice League lineup
  • Dynamic storylines with Bryan Hitch's writing and Tony S. Daniel's artwork

Grab a copy and join Earth's greatest heroes as they navigate thrilling new challenges! 🌍
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