Gleaming the Cube DVD: A Skateboarding Classic

Gleaming the Cube DVD: A Skateboarding Classic

Skateboard Legends Rejoice! 🛹🎥

Ever feel like your life needs a bit more adrenaline and nostalgia? Well, "Gleaming the Cube" on DVD is here to deliver just that! This 1989 skateboarding cult classic is back, ready to rekindle your love for gnarly tricks and gripping storylines. Whether you're an OG skater or a newbie to the scene, this movie is a must-have for your collection.

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Plot Twists and Skateboard Flips

Christian Slater stars as Brian Kelly, a rebellious teen who navigates the gritty world of skateboarding while unraveling a murder mystery. It's a perfect blend of action, drama, and, of course, epic skateboarding sequences. From heart-pounding chases to iconic 80s vibes, "Gleaming the Cube" captures the spirit of an era and the passion of a subculture.

Curious about the jaw-dropping stunts and unforgettable plot twists? You're in for a treat! 

Why This DVD is a Must-Have

The special features on this DVD are like finding a rare deck at the skate shop. Expect behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the cast, and insights into the making of the film. Plus, the high-quality remastering ensures you get the best viewing experience, making it feel like you're right there, gleaming the cube with Brian.

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The Ultimate Throwback

"Gleaming the Cube" is more than just a movie; it's a nostalgic ride that takes you back to the golden age of skateboarding. It’s a reminder of the rebellious spirit and the joy of skating through life’s challenges. Perfect for a movie night with friends or a solo throwback session, this DVD is an essential addition to your collection.

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