About Pilot Steve

Hey there! I'm Steve, your pilot.

In 2023, I retired from my role as a search and rescue pilot for the Fire Department and State Agencies. But sitting still wasn't for me, so I launched an online store with a quirky name: ZXASQW.

It might look like a jumble of letters, but it's easy to remember if you just walk your fingers up the left side of the keyboard.

In life-threatening situations as a pilot, I’ve always been focused on simple ways to remember crucial info. So, trust me, ZXASQW isn't as silly as it seems!

I’ve also flown dogs from kill shelters to new families and brighter futures. My goal has always been to help and serve others, and now I'm here to bring you fantastic products with free shipping.

Thanks for visiting, and as we like to say in the pilot world when we see good things ahead—Blue Skies!

P.S. If you are a pilot as well, you might be interested in the custom Cockpit Organizer I make for all types of aircraft. Drop by RareAviation.com and take a look.