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Ethics beyond Rules: How Christ’s Call to Love Informs Our Moral Choices

Ethics beyond Rules: How Christ’s Call to Love Informs Our Moral Choices

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From the Publisher

From the Publisher

Timothy C. Tennent, president and professor of world Christianity, Asbury Theological Seminary

"Stanglin in Ethics Beyond Rules lays bare all the pseudo-foundations of the moral relativism that has gripped our culture. It is engagingly written, persuasively argued, and decisively relevant. Every Christian should purchase two copies, one to read, and one to give to a friend, because this book is that good."

Mary Eberstadt, Panula Chair in Christian Culture, Catholic Information Center, Washington, DC, author of Primal Screams and How the West Really Lost God

"Ethics Beyond Rules is exactly the right book in exactly the right moment for every Christian, especially in a world increasingly untethered from biblical faith. Beautifully written and intensely engaging, it examines the contentious issues of our time through the only lens that matters: What does Christian love require? Here is a book for every man and woman of faith—but also for those of no faith."

Paul Copan, Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and author

"Ethics Beyond Rules is a readable, insightful book. It offers guidance for Christian disciples living in a quickly changing and increasingly morally confused culture. Keith Stanglin provides both a solid framework and grounding principles for a clear, biblically informed ethic on living wisely and well. Then with balance, courage, and grace, he applies those principles to relevant topics. I am very pleased to recommend this fine book."

Douglas A. Sweeney, dean and professor of divinity, Beeson Divinity School

"Kudos to Keith Stanglin for the courage, intelligence, and love it took to write this crucial tract for the times. I applaud the way it orients our ethical reflection in relation to the question, 'What does real love require?' If more of us attended to that question more regularly, deeply, and honestly, our world would be a much better place."

DeAnn Stuart, associate director of curriculum, Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture

"Ethics Beyond Rules is a clarion call to wake up a sleepy Church and to exhort Christians to become 'loving resistance fighters.' Drawing from Scripture, tradition, history, science, and human experience, Stanglin offers an articulate defense of the church’s ageless teaching and challenges Christians everywhere to sanctify rather than submit to an increasingly secular culture."

Gilbert Meilaender, senior research professor of theology, Valparaiso University

"Ethics Beyond Rules is the product of wide reading and careful Christian thinking. Readers will find in it both the sorts of considerations that matter in moral reasoning and a discussion of many of the ethical issues that are central to human life. Stanglin approaches disputed moral problems in thoughtful, often imaginative ways that will be accessible to many sorts of readers."

Ephraim Radner, professor of historical theology, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

"Stanglin brings his keen mind, Christian rootedness, and lucid writing to this pointed overview of Christian ethics. A wonderfully ordered and accessibly presented discussion of the foundations of the gospel’s love ethic that is then applied to a series of key issues, Stanglin pulls no punches, providing a responsible Scriptural lens on matters ranging from race to technology and politics. It deserves a wide reading throughout the church."

Greg Peters, professor, Torrey Honors College, Biola University

"Ethics Beyond Rules is deceptively easy to read, but the discerning reader will notice the way in which Keith Stanglin has taken the ethical insights of such luminaries as Aristotle, Plato, Augustine of Hippo, and Thomas Aquinas and made them accessible to everyone, while also fully integrating this history of ethics with the inspired teaching of the Christian Scriptures. In doing this, Stanglin has produced a much needed volume of Christian ethics, one that will equip pastors and laity alike in living holy lives."

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