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Hero on a Mission: The Power of Finding Your Role in Life: The Path to a Meaningful Life

Hero on a Mission: The Power of Finding Your Role in Life: The Path to a Meaningful Life

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Bestselling author Donald Miller uses his own experiences to help you recognize if the character you are currently playing is helping you experience a life of meaning.

"If we are tired of life, what we’re really tired of is the story we are living inside of. And the great thing about being tired of our story is that stories can be edited. Stories can be fixed. Stories can go from dull to exciting, from rambling to focused, and from drudgery to read to exhilarating to live. All we need to know to fix our stories are the principles that make a story meaningful. Then, if we apply those principles to our lives and stop handing our pen to fate, we can change our personal experience and in turn feel gratitude for its beauty, rather than resentment for its meaninglessness."

—Donald Miller


The 8-step plan every self-employed coach needs to be successful.

Easy-to-understand blueprint to increase sales, grow your mission, and connect with customers.

Learn to lead a team, sell more product, and run a business.

A transformational, yet practical plan to finding the fulfillment you have been searching for in your life and work.

Learn to clarify your message so customers will listen.

Learn how to expand your company and reach new customers.

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