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Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom from What Holds You Back

Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom from What Holds You Back

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Discover how facing your underlying pain will allow you to overcome it and move forward. With practical insights and biblical teaching about what it takes to break the cycle of addiction and shame, Reframe Your Shame will set you on the path to freedom.

Irene Rollins knows what it means to walk through shame, especially as a leader. She enjoyed a seemingly perfect life as a wife, mom, and leader of a megachurch while she hid a secret addiction to alcohol that almost destroyed everything. With vulnerability and wisdom, Irene offers strategies and biblical teaching to break free of the suffocating cycle of sin and shame.

Many people aren’t even aware that they live in an addiction cycle, unaware of how unmanageable their lives have become. Their relationships feel distant, difficult, or dysfunctional, but they often don’t know why. Reframe Your Shame provides awareness and resources to help readers

recognize the warning signs of toxic shame and addiction;

accept truth and take responsibility for their own journey of emotional healing and growth;

find freedom from shame, self-defeating hurts, hang-ups, and habits;

learn to communicate, connect with others, and resolve both internal and relational conflicts; and

discover practical tools to live with purpose, free from the baggage of the past.

Perfect for those fighting a personal battle, or for family members and counselors walking with them, Reframe Your Shame sets them on a path to freedom.
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